Welcome to my site!

I’m a veterinary surgeon with an interest in rabbit behaviour and I’ve run many rabbit behaviour consultations in practice. In every case, training sessions improve the bond between rabbit and owner.

Unfortunately for rabbits, they are often seen as a cheap, low-interaction pet, and owners don’t seek help because of fear of the cost.

I want to ensure that advice on rabbit behaviour and training is free and accessible for those who care, no matter where you are.

So have a look round my site. There are articles and videos, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, head over to the ‘Contact me’ page and drop me an email. I’ll try to reply as soon as I can.

Good luck and happy training!

Guen Bradbury, MA, VetMB, MRCVS

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my site!

  1. I need your assistance. I can’t get my rabbit (4.6kg) to allow me to pick him up. I will be traveling in 3 months and will have to take him out of the carrier (which he will hate) at several security checkpoints. If you have time I would love a skype session to show you what I am dealing with. He has never been caged, so confinement and being controlled is an issue for him, but he is very lovable.

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